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Designed Donostia-San Sebastián, 2022

Handkerchief made with high quality fabric, light and soft 100% silk satin. Silk is printed with one of the most environmentally friendly technologies today, digital technology. The fabric is printed in Italy and the scarf is made in San Sebastian.

The print is an exclusive design. 

Sizes and measures

S, 8 x 80 cm                M, 12 x 135 cm 

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The fabrics are printed with perfectly developed digital technology. This technology requires low water consumption, facilitates small productions and maintain slow work rhythms.

We design and produce so that our accessories can be worn in different seasons and for years, which is why every season the new designs coexist with designs from previous seasons. We have called those designs Reissues..

The design and preparation are made in Donostia-San Sebastián. Since 2016 the fabrics have been printed in Italy..

We work so that the environmental impact of our work is less and less. For this reason, we look for sustainable fabrics; we have transferred the production of the stamping to the peninsula (Collection S-V 2023); once a year we produce the fabrics of the two collections that we release annually; we avoid as much as possible fast shipments by plane, etc..

Prepare a container with cold water, pour a little neutral soap and leave the handkerchief for 5 minutes (approximately).

Rinse without rubbing and allow to dry on a clean, flat surface.

It can be ironed (with or without steam) on silk or worn wrinkled.

Shipments are made in 3 working days; Pre-order products are shipped in 4-5 working days.

Delivery times depend on the courier company and vary between 2-4 days. We will send you the number of your shipment so you can track it.

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