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Handmade in Donostia-San Sebastián, 2022

Light and firm Bowl made by hand with fabric scraps. This series of unique pieces reflects one of the ways in which we reuse leftover scraps and threads while sewing accessories. This way of reusing surplus is not new. But it is one of the ways of working that we resume to reuse surpluses and create objects to use and look at. All the pieces are unique due to their color, weight and shape.

The Bowls series arises from the desire not to throw away excess during the accessory manufacturing process, and also from the desire to experiment with hands and craft new combinations of colors and fabrics. These Bowls are objects to look at, touch and use.


15 x 14,5 cm, widht – 5 cm, height

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Since 2012 I have been working and experimenting with artisanal and digital printing techniques in San Sebastián.

In the Bowls and Linens series I bring together hand-made unique pieces. To make the Bowls I have played with different craft techniques. While, on the Linens, I have hand-stamped a positional design.

I try not to throw away scraps and to do so, I look for ways to reuse surpluses in the design process and in the material production of new objects. The Bowls series reflects how I manually reuse surplus materials and how I design from them, but it is not the only one. For example, when I design a stamping pattern, I do it so that it can be produced on different surfaces and used in different seasons, over the years, by people of different ages and tastes. For this reason, each season new print designs coexist with previous designs. I have called those designs from previous seasons Reeditions.

The Bowls series represents the way in which I have used artisan techniques to reuse the remains of the handkerchief-making process. The Linens series represents the way in which I have made the printing of my pattern designs with artisan printing techniques. The collection of scarves, for its part, represents the way of working with digital printing, one of the least polluting at present. The ecological transition is a slow process that requires a lot of work and dedication.

So that the environmental impact is less and less, I look for natural, sustainable fabrics or woven with yarns from recycled materials; I experiment and use craft and artisan techniques: digital printing is done once a year. For this reason, small editions are produced; it has been possible to transfer the production of digital printing to Spain; Shipments by plane are avoided as far as possible and when they are done it is something exceptional; the accessories are made in Donostia-San Sebastián; I spend time experimenting to find different ways to reuse different textile surpluses.

Bowls. Prepare a container with cold water, pour a little neutral soap and leave the handkerchief for 5 minutes (approximately).

Rinse without rubbing and allow to dry on a clean, flat surface.

Linens. Dry clean. Remove dust with a very soft brush.

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