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Body – Spaces – Surface



Body is perfection.

It is unique and natural. It´s vitality.

Dressing a body is an expresion of all the senses.


Every single body is something perfect because of its individuality. It is a unique way of feeling and perceiving. The body dresses and creates itself through diference: every way of dressing is a corporeal expression and comunication in its particularity. The body chooses how to beautify and express itself picking out clothes and styles. By dressing, the body completes the clothing transforming them into something natural and unique for our perception.



Spaces are empty.

They are untouchable and something technical. They´re artificial.

Decorating a space is an expression of its identity.


All spaces are incomplete. They need objects and light to become inhabited. Decorating a space with a number of objects provokes specific movements and creates certain scenes: This specific identity is what allows us to inhabit them. Only in that sense spaces become complete and vivid. In order to perceive and identify a space we need to create it through objects and materials as well as fabrics and bodies.



Surface is imagination.

It is tactile and fantastic. It´s abstraction.

Creating a surface is the expression possibilities.


All surfaces exist only through imagination but they are tactile at the same time. Imagination is infinite. Through drawings and print technique which abstract and reduce, the representation of our imagination is realized on surface. All surfaces attract perception, especially the sense of touch: They are essential to the perfection of spaces, objects and clothing. The realization of surfaces through certain media and material is the key for dressing both, spaces and the body. Its fantastic character and material capacity serves for 2D and 3D applications.