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2021-2022 · Velvet Accessories

1 octubre, 2019

2021-2022, You can see this year´s colors in our store online.


Large Scarf, Mod.Koro- & Small Triangular Scarf -Mod.Hiruki, already at shops and on the online shop. 

We know that you can use our designs in different seasons and that you will know how to combine them your way with garments and accessories.

2019 / Large Scarf, Mod.Sky already at shops and on the online shop





2020-2021 / X.Edición · 4AsteDesign

11 diciembre, 2016

(EN) 11.12.2020- 10.01. 2021.  4AsteDesign. 10th Edition. At, Ekain Art Gallery. San Sebastián. 

(CAS) 11.12.2020- 10.01. 2021.  4AsteDesign. X Edición. En, Ekain Art Gallery. San 


(EUS) 2020.12.11 – 2021.01.11. 4AsteDesign. 10. Edizioa, Ekin Arte Lanak Galerian.  Donostia.