Rosarito Shop

With more than 40 years of experience, Rosarito Peluquería -Shop and its team of professionals are a benchmark in our city. Here you will find a beautiful and rigorous selection of Sustainable Luxury; exclusive products, respectful with the environment, made with the highest quality fabrics and; that enhance your look with your cut or hairstyle.

Satrustegi, 1,
20008 Donostia-San Sebastián

Museo Cristóbal Balenciaga – CBM 

Public museum dedicated to studying and keeping alive the memory of fashion designer Cristóbal Balenciaga. It is located in his hometown, Getaria, and was inaugurated in June 2011.

Parque Aldamar 6
20808 Getaria


Galería de arte Ekain

Two bears, one small and the other large, which our ancestors drew and engraved in black silhouette in a niche in the Ekain cave in Magdalenian times, more than 15.000 years ago, are the reference and logo of this creative and innovative space. Located at Iñigo street number 4, in the heart of the Old Town of San Sebastián.

Specialized in Basque art, she advises on the creation of private collections. In addition to the exhibitions that are held, it has a large gallery collection with paintings, sculptures and engravings by renowned artists.

Ekain Arte Lanak opened its doors in 1999, currently the director is Rita Unzurrunzaga.

Satrustegi, 1,
20008 Donostia-San Sebastián


Estudio de Interiores JF

Founded by Genoveva Zubiria, the opening of the JF Studio-Store dates back to 2002.

I especially value craftsmanship and creativity in projects.

Starting from the assessment of a pre-existing space, I try to create my designs as an interior designer taking into account the needs communicated to me by the people who are going to inhabit the new space.

Paseo de Errondo 4
20010, San Sebastían

Hotel de Londres e Inglaterra

With 150 years of history, in the middle of La Concha Bay, its hall, its lounges, balconies and terraces reflect the years of the Belle Époce. *Only for Hotel guests.

Calle Zubieta  2,
20007 Donostia-San Sebastián